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 Cambodian Short Stories

The Rabbit and the palm fruit

There was a rabbit who lived under a palm tree near a hillock. One day he was sound asleep, when a ripe palm fruit fell down on the ground near by. He heard the cracking sound of the dried palm leaves. At this sound, he was frightened, and said to himself " It is an earthquake! ", and then he jumped up and began running without looking behind.

When the Oxen saw him in high speed, they said to him " Rabbit! why are you running so fast? What is the matter? ." The Rabbit shouted in haste " Brother oxen! It's an earthquake! Do not stay here! Run! " The oxen heard what the Rabbit had said and they were frightened too, and they began to run, and soon after they met the Pigs and Deer.

They too ran after the Oxen and the Rabbit. When the Elephants saw them running, they too, asked " Why are you running, Oxen? What is the matter? ". The Oxen told them " do not stay here! The earthquake is coming! " Hearing this story, the Elephants jointed them.

When they all reached the Lion's den, the clever lion, seeing all the panic-stricken animals, asked the Elephants " Why are you running? What is the matter? " The Elephants replied, " We do not know exactly why. We saw the Oxen running, so we ran after them, we heard something about an earthquake ".

The Lion asked the Oxen " Why are you running? What is the matter? Oxen? " The Oxen said " We do not know either. We saw the Deer and the pigs running, so we ran after them ." The Lion asked the Deer and the Pigs, but they answered like wise, so finally he questioned the Rabbit.

The Rabbit answered " I am none too sure, myself. While I was sound asleep under a palm tree, the earth breaking up pierced my ears, so I was afraid and began to run ." The clever Lion then led all the panicky animals to the palm tree, and showed them the cracked palm fruit lying on the ground. The embarrassed animals gave the Rabbit a sound rebuke and went back to their own places.

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